Mod for Farming Simulator 2013 Gehl 4835 SXT Skidsteer REVIEW

Mod: http:www.modhoster.commodsgehl-4835-sxt-skidsteer-pimped-by-modhosterteamwerkstatt-fur-ls13 lj:

12 thoughts on “Mod for Farming Simulator 2013 Gehl 4835 SXT Skidsteer REVIEW

  1. Stefan Bacon Post author

    I agree, Needs to continuously transition from forward to reverse without changing turn direction. Skid steers don’t turn by ‘locking’ one side, they turn with power on on both sides, direction and speed of rotation should be controlled ‘independantly’ of travel speed as on the real machine.

  2. Stefan Bacon Post author

    Really wish the FS team would program in ISO drive for skid steers and tracked vehicles. would really like to be able to counterrotate in a skid steer. The improved driving dynamic would likely promote better modding of these vehicles as well.

  3. MrPhuntime Post author

    If a map crashes on loading, It normally means your pc isnt fast enough to run it.

  4. ChevyJoe216 Post author

    I drive a flatbed and tow skid steers a lot those things are a lot heavier than they appear .

  5. Brad Frazer Post author

    ok just saying i like the review help me decide between crapy mods and good mods i like two river but have prob trying to get on to it it loads then crashes my game how do i fix this??

  6. xRobin2475 Post author

    Its a nice mod, the modeling is good. however, i dont like the handling. i know how a skidsteer is driven, and it should have some more acceleration. also, like you said the textures are bad :P

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